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Being Hispanic is a culture not a language

Being Hispanic is a culture not a language

Posted by Allan Vargas

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Is one of our corporate tenets. In other words, our belief is that being Hispanic is more than just speaking Spanish. It’s about culture and the shared customs, beliefs, and social characteristics of Hispanics across the globe.

Regardless of where Hispanics are born they share a bond based on the foods they eat, their traditions and customs, shared family values and so much more. While they may primarily speak Spanish, some will only speak English but identify as Hispanics.

You know that you are Hispanic if:

You have been disciplined by something called a chancleta or chancla.

You have heard “vamos al baño” * come out of your mom’s mouth and be truly scared.

Vicks VapoRub cures everything.

You can't tell who you're actually related to because you've grown up calling every adult "tia" or "tio" and just
assume everyone around your age is a cousin.

Noche Buena is Christmas.

You have a friend or relative named Jesus and called Chiu or chucho.
As a term of endearment, you refer to your wife as “gorda” or husband as “gordo”.

In the US, Hispanics are the largest US ethnic group representing 18% of the US population, with $1.3 trillion in purchasing power. They are younger, with a median age 39 years. And while many see them as being on the lower end of the economic ladder, on average they spend the most of any other group on Consumer-Packaged Goods.

The most effective way to reach US Hispanics is through messaging that reaches them where they are culturally. It isn’t simply translating GM advertising but adapting it.  It’s ensuring that the message is relevant to their culture so that it motivates and inspires them to action. It maybe in Spanish or English depending on the product or service and where its placed.

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In The Food Industry, Hispanic Culture Plays A Big Role

Posted by Jose-Guillermo Diaz


More and more we’re looking at the behaviors of the Hispanic market, and rightly so. In 2012, Hispanics made up seventeen percent of the U.S. population, a figure expected to reach 31 percent by 2060, according to Statista. The Hispanic market can no longer be considered “untapped,” as brands from all over the globe are taking the time to research and target this group of people. More than half of the Hispanic market regularly consumes Spanish-language media, including radio, TV, and internet. Additionally, 67 percent of this population says they consume English-language media at the same time. One industry that’s successfully reaching the Hispanic market is the food industry. Let’s take a look at way the Hispanic market is consuming food and beverages

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How Car Dealership Brands Are Successfully Reaching The Hispanic Market

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The Hispanic market continues to grow in popularity and importance in the marketing industry. If you haven’t started to market to Hispanic consumers yet, you will soon, and if you have, you’ve probably seen the direct benefits it provides. Car dealerships and the auto industry are just one example of brands that have nicely integrated the Hispanic market into their targeting plans and rightfully so. According to Digital Dealer, in 2013 one out of every 4 new cars sold in the U.S. was purchased by a Hispanic person and that number is projected to double in 10 years. Additionally, 80 percent of Hispanic people prefer to buy a car, compared to only 7 percent who prefer to lease. How are car dealerships successfully reaching the Hispanic market? Let’s take a look. 

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