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Experiential Events: Brand Ambassadors – Training

Written by Allan Vargas
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Experiential Events: Brand Ambassadors – Training

Posted by Allan Vargas

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4DV Marketing

For us at 4DV Marketing pre-event training is essential! All BA's need to be briefed on all products but most especially on those being showcased during the event. Briefing must include product features and benefits, as well as an overview of the brand's marketing objectives and company goals...

At the pre-event briefing, BA’s should be shown how to display the product and how to refill the display as needed. They must know how to answer basic questions guests may have about the product.


BA's should always make guests approaching our booth feel welcome with a friendly greeting (i.e., Hi! How are you? Have you ever tried XXX?). The objective is to invite them in without being intimidating or overwhelming. In doing so BA's should keep the following in mind:

• Be sure that body language is friendly (i.e., do not stand with arms crossed over chest, smile, etc.).
• Start conversations with guests by finding out out what they’re most interested in as it relates to the product.
• Acquire thorough knowledge of the product so you can confidently answer all questions
• Never eat, drink, sit down, or engage in unnecessary conversation with other booth personnel.
• Use of personal cell phones, iPads, etc. is forbidden and doing so can lead to expulsion from the event.
• No friends or family personal visits. 

Team leaders will ensure that adequate BA training occurs prior to every event. They will also provide specific details on expectations for BA's based on each individual event.


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