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Experiential Events: Why GeoFencing - One Option

Written by Allan Vargas
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Experiential Events: Why GeoFencing - One Option

Posted by Allan Vargas

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A GeoFence can be looked as a virtual perimeter that you can draw around any location on a map, and then target consumers that enter that location. GPS and/or WIFI are used to connect. (WIFI being the most economical.)

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GeoFencing can send location-based messages and drive engagement with your consumers. They can connect the physical with the digital at events, bar crawls, Retail Stores, C-Stores or Kash & Karry's.
GeoFencing has many opportunities for your industry. In the case where you have a controlled brand - for that brand the consumer has the option to opt in/out. In the case of GeoFencing you opt in by accepting the notification sent when you enter the GeoFence and opt out if not interested. This can be used to ID guests who support your brand, dislike your brand or are under age. There is no APP needed in this format.   ca6b85b5 e02b 470a 9286 1bb4a12608de  


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