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Experiential Events: Why BA’s are critical in forming Affinity Groups for your brand.

Written by Allan Vargas
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Experiential Events: Why BA’s are critical in forming Affinity Groups for your brand.

Posted by Allan Vargas

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4DV Marketing

Today we are living in the digital age. Here at 4DV Marketing, we understand that successful event staffing requires more than just a fancy app – it takes a human connection. That’s why we take the extra steps to really get to know our staff. Sure, someone may have an exceptional resume and killer headshots, but it’s hard to tell if someone is the right fit for a program based on just those things alone.

Not only do we screen and interview our brand ambassadors prior to hire, we provided the appropriate training and we also meet them face-to-face at events and any other chance we get! Why? It is because their interaction with your consumer helps the brand sell today and in the future.

We asked some of our 4DV BAS to chime in on their onsite event experience and what they love most about working with 4DV Marketing!

A. Vargas

 BA Comments:  
 fa216fe2 3d32 465e a263 8e00bab0bc93  “I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with you guys. You have turned me into an amazing BA with your individualized training. I am now being offered Team Lead jobs thanks to you!”
Amanda H
 “I have worked for many brands/ clients over the past 12 years and I really enjoy working and representing the 4DV bc not only am I prepared but I have a strong support of management who are there to help and guide me through it all. I usually accommodate my schedule when I'm asked to work for this brand bc I truly do enjoy working for the company. The team always goes above and beyond when it comes to this brand and it make me want to keep growing and be the best that I can be for the brand.”
Alex A.
 71aee24d 50e9 4a12 bca5 20e07f8d9f97
 78297a1f 07c6 4630 8120 6e572343c577  “I love working with the 4DV team because all the Brand Ambassadors genuinely share the same goal revolving around helping the consumer. I have not found this genuine spirit of customer service at other events working for different agencies. There is a very collaborative, supportive environment among everyone that allows us to be creative and productive.”
Elaina C.
 “I’ve worked with 4DV for 3 years, their staff is easily accessible and they always make sure you have what you need to work the event. I always look forward to having a fun weekend working with the team! Thanks, 4DV!
Sam M.
 db2a2710 2140 4ba5 8e28 73cb6af08a24
 51111fa4 5f0a 40ef a5ab 99b1bd6efcc9 “I’ve been in the industry for 11 years and worked with a several promotional companies, and all I must say is I love working with FDV! Everything you want and need as a BA is met with this company. 4DV’s staff is always available and so personable! A++! “
Christiane P. 
 “Working with 4DV over the years has helped mold me into a high quality, trained professional Brand Ambassador that is not only the face of a brand but a complete representation of the company.”
Annika A.
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